Love is…

seeing his face everywhere.

Today’s Prayer…

Lord, I am determined to commit my life daily unto you. I want to see myself as you see me: strong, valuable, enduring and victorious over all the storms of life.

I ask you to help me to grow into the rightous person you have called me to be.

Little by little, day by day, in every area may I become more and more like you.

I’ll do my part by praying, studying the word and obeying you.

I trust you to do your part and bring increase in every area of my life.

In Jesus name I pray.


Last of the Mohikans…

It’s no secret that Sex & the City is my ultimate drug of choice. I’ve loved that show from episode 1 and even had a Sex & the City going away party when the finale aired… but I digress.

Considering the fact that I’m far from being a virgin but also consistently searching for my Mr. BIG like Carrie, I’m looked at as an anomaly when I speak about how I don’t share myself with just anyone. Read more…

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